When it comes to adding beauty and value to your property, Wilson's Landscaping And Masonry services in Danbury, CT has the skills and experience to create a dramatic and commanding appearance to any area you desire. We have been providing customers with quality work at reasonable prices for 15 years. Imagine how you feel when you pull in to your drab concrete driveway after a long day at work. Your walk from the car to the front door is uneventful and even depressing as you trip again over the broken area raised from beneath by bulging tree roots. Now imagine how you feel after inviting Wilson's Landscaping And Masonry, (203) 434-6260, to remove that old slab and replace it with a welcoming tri-color brick pattern of cream, charcoal and red that has not only widened your driveway to give you more space to park or utilize your side yard, but continues the seamless pattern all the way up to your entry way—digging out those nasty roots and leaving a nice level surface.

MasonryEnhancing the limited view from drive to door, Wilson's Landscaping And Masonry can visually expand it by continuing the colors and design of your new driveway beyond the walkway by bordering it with stone planting beds and a matching water feature. Now imagine the peaceful feeling that comes over you upon arriving home: You smoothly pull in, park, and glide down your walkway toward the front door. You’re not in much of a hurry to get inside, though, before taking a moment to listen to the light babbling of your natural stone fountain. As you take a look around smiling with pride at your beautiful home the mailbox post catches your eye with its bent painted pole cemented into a cracked plastic planting pot full of dead flowers. You decide it’s time for another call to Wilson's Landscaping And Masonry, (203) 434-6260.

With our years of experience and creative intelligence utilizing the versatile applications of all masonry services, we can create a solid, weatherproof and appealing support for your mailbox that will create an artistic flow from curb to structure. Wilson's Landscaping And Masonry is the master at working with you to represent your personality in a design and choice of materials while also complimenting the existing architecture. We will keep your project within your budget constraints without sacrificing quality or durability. Let our design team help you enhance your property from front to back.

We offer:

  • Stone walls/Patios
  • Walkways
  • Dry Walls
  • Belgium Blocks
  • Steps
  • Walkways
  • Stonewalls
  • Unit locks
  • Pavers
  • Installation

Now that you’re pleased with the front of your house, imagine the backyard. We can create an inviting living area in your yard that serves purpose while it solidly sits there waiting to be enjoyed. Wouldn’t it feel great to unwind after a hard day on your new outdoor stone patio enjoying the warmth of a crackling fire in your new custom fire pit? From a single fire pit or built-in barbeque station, Wilson's Landscaping And Masonry can handle all of your masonry service needs from building or resurfacing swimming pools to decks, patios, seating areas, and the list goes on. We can also repair and replace existing elements, such as an old and leaning concrete retaining wall. Retaining walls are constructed without concrete footing or mortar which gives them a natural flexibility to avoid this lean in the future. It also brings ease and affordability to repairs, such as oil stains or damage, because without being fused together with mortar individual bricks, stones or pavers can be removed and replaced without upsetting the surrounding pieces. We provide top quality lawn care services.

With one more look at that beautiful new driveway, consider the other improvements you could make to tie the look all the way around your house and call Wilson's Landscaping And Masonry for a free in-home estimate at (203) 434-6260. You can also drop by our showroom to see all the varieties of materials and designs that we can incorporate into your welcoming home.