Masonry work is any structure which has been constructed by binding materials using mortar, this is a paste comprised of water, cement, and sand. Different materials such as stone, brick, and marble are used to create this type of work. There are 3 main kinds that are used on different applications, all depending on the structure which is going to be built.

Veneer is made using various pieces which fit around another building. Sometimes, this type of work is created purely for aesthetic reasons. Since the bricks that are used to create veneer are not normally water resistant, the structure which supports this kind of work has to able to stand up to all the elements. Homes that have brick surfaces are sometimes built using veneer masonry.

On the flip side, solid brickwork does not need any type of supportive structure. Walls which are constructed solely from brick and stone are the result of this kind of work. While economical and aesthetically pleasing, this type of construction does not always stand up well to harsh weather conditions. Regularly, walls built like this are toppled during earthquakes.

 Brickwork is the most popular since this kind of structure is solid and appealing. It is made when multiple layers of bricks create a horizontal design. The end result largely depends on the brick used for a project. While some bricks provide a more modern look others have a more traditional look about them. This is perfect for any wall or structure that is meant to stand up to the test of time.

 Handy homeowners can do these projects with the help of some professional help and advice. This advice and instruction can be located on the Internet. For bigger projects, it is advisable homeowners hire a professional contractor who specializes in this kind of work. They can be found by performing a quick Internet search. Bear in mind though the kind of mason you choose will greatly depend on the job you are looking to finish.

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