When purchasing a lawn maintenance aerator, you need to determine how seriously your lawn require aeration and how much time and effort you are prepared to put into this job. Aeration allows air to be exposed to your soil, which ensures your lawn does not start to thin out, go brown or matted. Different types of lawn aerators come in a range of prices, operation, and efficiency which they will aerate a lawn.

One thing to think about when purchasing a lawn maintenance aerator is how much aeration your lawn requires. Certain kinds of grass have a tendency to mat, and not permit water, sunlight and fertilizers to get to the soil. Clay soil compacts and has bad drainage, while sandy soil needs less aeration.

If your lawn is in good health, think about buying aeration shoes instead. These come with an array of sharp spikes on their soles. They are secured to your normal shoes and will provide you with a lush and green lawn. For individuals that go in their gardens several times a week, these shoes are a great choice. They also provide you with exercise and a good method of aeration.

Seasonal treatments for a lawn, like seeding aeration and fertilization, can be done with one simple step. If you only want to perform lawn care a couple of times a year, then consider investing in a lawn maintenance appliance known as a plug or coring aerator. This huge wide tool will core your lawn, and get rid of any plugs of soil so there are visible holes.

A coring aerator is an excellent option if you are maintaining some where there is a large number of traffic, like a sports field, playground or dog park. In these examples, considering the stress the grass is under, a lawn aerator is well worth the price.

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